Facebook stands By Peter Thiel

At an appearance of the 2016 Conference code today, COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg one Declaring That Peter Thiel Facebook AGI independently when its funding lawsuit against Gawker Media, Gizmodo's parent company.

"Peter what he fact itself fact. We do not know about that" a state Sandberg. "We have very different Board of very different thoughts administration," she added. "These people source good members of the Board, they have cars reviews they do not look afraid to show them."

When one asked him if Thiel remain on the Board of Directors of Directors Facebook, Sandberg yes DIT, Mashable reported one.

Thiel, who was one of the early Facebook investors recently admitted that one of Gawker Media financed against prosecution. Since his involvement became publicly known, some called ONT Facebook to Remove His Board. But on Wednesday, Sandberg and, by extension, Facebook, most widely-seem to have taken the decision of standing behind him.

"These are difficult issues and no one will pretend That when members of the Board of the Independent things that are going to be easier for companies" a state Sandberg. She said I had Involving That Thiel Facebook directly, different things would be: "If what one either with That fact Facebook resources, it would be A Facebook problem."

As many have previously Please note Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook you a burning defender of freedom of expression Summer. After Gizmodo reported on the inner workings of the Team Facebook news trends, in which A former businessman with a ALLEGED That were deleted conservative stories, Zuckerberg defended goal is the platform that promotes discussion and free movement of ideas

world's most expensive smartphone unveiled $ 14,000 (over Rs. 9 lakh)

Bring speculation to an end, the launch of Israel Sirin Labs has officially unveiled its high-end $ 14,000 (over Rs 9 lakh) Android smartphone that promises chip 256-bit encryption similar chip that uses the army to protect communications.

Dubbed the "Rolls Royce of smartphones, the device called Solarin activated by a switch physical security in the back and was launched on Tuesday at an event in London, venturebeat.com reported.

Solarin packages at Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, Wi-Fi connectivity promises "superior" has a 23.8MP rear camera and 2K display resolution 5.5-inch LED IPS.

For Solarin promises "the most advanced technology currently available privacy outside the world of the Agency" Sirin Labs has joined forces with the security cabinet of the KoolSpan communications.

According Sirin Labs, he wanted to "create the most advanced mobile device that combines the highest values of privacy, transmit faster than any other phone, built with the best materials in the world."

"Cyber attacks are widespread in the world. This trend is increasing. Solarin is pioneering new confidentiality measures without concessions to provide customers with greater confidence and security to manage critical business information" Tal Cohen, CEO and Sirin Labs co-founder, was quoted as saying.

"All decisions unique design and equipment selection was based on performance and functionality," said Fredrik Oijer, vice president (products) Sirin laboratories.

The device for the rich and famous is available in the laboratories of Sirin first retail store in Mayfair (34 Bruton Place), London June 1 and Harrods, Knightsbridge on June 30.

The luxury smartphone is not a new phenomenon. In 2006, Nokia launched a $ 310,000 device "Signature Cobra" in 2006 and smartphones $ 5000 "constellation" in 2011.

In 2012, Nokia fell luxury phone maker Vertu brand. After leaving Nokia, Vertu has made its first Android "Vertu Ti" device on the market.

According to press reports, the smart phone was the price of a huge Rs 6,49,990 in India. 1.7 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

According to Vertu, its smartphones have 184 individual parts. The body is made of titanium grade 5, and has a set of stereo speakers Bang & Olufsen.

The sapphire crystal makes the screen virtually scratch proof and tested to four times stronger than other smartphones in terms of impact resistance, he said.

Vertu was acquired Swedish EQT private equity group by a consortium of Chinese investors.

electric cars made by the IIT-B faster than the Porsche, Audi and Tesla

A group of 75 students designed the car, called Orca, for nine months. The car is manufactured from the frame section of special steel and carbon fiber body. But the best part is that the car can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour speed in just 3.47 seconds. This acceleration is faster than any other sports car produced by the auto giants the likes of Porsche, Audi and Tesla. The body of lightweight carbon fiber stabilizes the vehicle at high speeds.

"With 0-100kmph acceleration of 3.47 seconds ORCA is faster than any other sports car made by Porsche, Audi and Tesla. It is not only a record acceleration, which is the first time we have a special steel chassis frame with carbon fiber body, which not only reduces weight, but also made stabilizes the vehicle at high speed, "said Rishabh Kappasia, a fourth-year engineering physics and ORCA team leader in Indiatimes.

With sponsors such as BCN Bearings, Tata Motors, CEAT tires and the other, the car will represent India in the competition Formula Student in the UK, a competition in automotive electronics IC motor vehicles and the annual competition engineering parameters and the type of presentation, among others.

"The car is fantastic to drive thanks to its light weight and increases stability at high speed," said Manthan Mahajan, a student of fourth year of ORCA driving each time the team participates in a competition.